How to change background movie
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here i will explain how to change the background movie when your mod is selected.

Most people use "FRAPS" to record their movies to use .You will have to change the format of the movie to "BINK" format..You will be using  "Rad video tools " to do this...

  How to make your background movie..

start the fraps program

look at what the "HOTKEY" is..this is what key will start fraps recording

Start the game and go into the game and when you are where you want to start filming hit the "HOTKEY" you chose

when the game starts you should see the FPS counter if you had that box checked in the fraps dont need this enabled..

after you are done filing go to  C:/fraps and your movie will be in there

now make a folder on your desktop and copy and paste the movie into it

now your movie is to next step


  Converting to "BINK" we need to convert to "BINK" format

start the rad video tools program

direct it to the folder you made on your desktop and then select the movie thats in there

now click the "BINK IT" it will go to another selection screen

dont change any settings inless you know what you are doing..these settings are fine

now click the "BINK" button on the right it should be converting the file...this will take some time to convert..the bigger the file the longer it will take..a 5-8 sec movie can take 6 min to convert...when it is done it will be located in the same folder on your desktop as the origional movie

on to last step


  renaming file for use in your mod

Once you have located the bink file that you just nade in the desktop folder you need to rename it

rename it to......


now copy and paste it into your mod/movie folder

now start your mod and the movie should be in the background now...

hope this worked for you.....