Making maps from scratch
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Here i will tell you how to make a map for bf1942 or any mod for that game from scratch.

the tool i use for doing maps are... map editor1.2, editor42 , photoshop

but here i will only be explaining Battlecraft


here we go ...start with battlecraft

ok first you need to decide the size of the map you will be doing...1024x1024 or 2048x2048...4089x4089 maps are for open ocean maps only..

now start battlecraft and select "create level"

click on bf1942 and click OK

now you need to name your map..use underscores "_" for spaces in the name..example...My_new_map

now select the map size..

put a check mark in use water

remove the check mark in "random map generator"...if you leave the check in there it will ask for smoothness and check mark and the map is made perfectly flat...

when you are happy with what you choose click OK and it will make the start of your map..

a window will pop up telling you about 100 degrees in the sun..just close that window..

now at the top look for a box with white and red lines through it..(11th one over) its called "surface map it and it will have a box with all the textures squares ( surface textures) in the on ALL the squares

once that is done click go to the tool bar and look for "tools"..drop the menu down and look for "generate surface maps" on it and let it do its thing,,depending on size it will take a min or 2 to finish...when it has finished "SAVE" your map...

now click on the icon that shows the little digger and then use the carving,raising,smoothing and flattening icons to change the ground height..on your first map you make just do as practice....wait until you have done it a few times before trying to do a map to actually use to play..

once your ground is close to where you want it and it can be changed at any time also you need to add static objects to your list so you can select them and use them

now go to the side tool bar and select "cached objects"...and click add select the things you would use in your map..they can be added to the list at any time during the map making process..

click and drag the object from the side bar onto the map...if you want to move or rotate the object you MUST UNLOCK the top are 2 pictures of locks,1 to lock,1 to unlock unlock and then the icon for what you want to do with it,,raise,lower,rotate,tilt..

now after you have placed most of the objects you want in the map now we can paint the roads,or any detail to the ground the paint palet on the top tool what texture you want to use and then paint away..there are different paint brush selection to choose from..experiment with them all..

now after you have the texturing about how you want it now you need to place your controlpoints and soldier spawns....i do this almost last because it gives a better feel on where you would put them...

now just select add a controlpoint and drag to where you want it and then double click on it to open up the info for that controlpoint...set it up as you want it.....the most i do is the controlpoint name and who is going to have control of the flag...flags in between the homebases i set as neutral...they can be changed later if needed..

after you set a controlpoint you need to tie the soldierspawns to the will do it automatically but if you want to change the spawn to another flag double click on it and change the info..just click on soldier spawns and drag onto the map where you want them..

now that is done lets set some the object spawns...and i will list how to add correct wording after work....

to be finished asap