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Adding the landslide to your map.

to add the landslide to your map this is what you have to do:

first extract the medina ridge map for use in a in your map you need to copy these files from the medina ridge map into your map.

objects folder

standardmesh folder

in the init.con file add this line    run objects/objects

in the objectspawntemplate.con you need to add this to will look like this

ObjectTemplate.create ObjectSpawner landslidespawner
ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 2 landslide
ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 1 landslide
ObjectTemplate.MinSpawnDelay 35
ObjectTemplate.MaxSpawnDelay 44
ObjectTemplate.SpawnDelayAtStart 0
ObjectTemplate.TimeToLive 45
ObjectTemplate.Distance 40
ObjectTemplate.DamageWhenLost 1
ObjectTemplate.maxNrOfObjectSpawned 1

now i used map editor 1.2 to add this...add the objectspawntemplate and when you go into map editor it will have the landslidespawner in the listing for adding vehicles...

this should get the rocks to roll in your map...any problems with this or any of my tutorials please contact me so i can correct any problems...


Adding the tent to your maps:

first you need to extract your map to the c:/ drive and extract the medina ridge map for file you'll need.

now make a standardmesh folder and put the

into this folder

now make a objects folder and put the mil_tent folder from the madina ridge map in there and the objects.con thats in the objects folder also..

in the init.con file in the main folder add this line

run objects/objects

now just add this staticobject to your map..its called...mil_tent (theres no .m1 on the end)

now hopefully you will have the tent in your map...

to get the item to show in map editor 1.2 just copy the 2 standardmesh files into programfiles/mapeditor1.2/resources/standardmesh...they show white but easier to set in place...





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