Adding Battlegroup42 Vehicles and Static objects
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Here i will tell you how to add BG42 vehicles:

OK.....I will be using RFAextractor , Makerfa , and Notepad to do this...

first extract your map to c:/ will look like this...c:/bf1942

after your map is extracted using notepad open the Conquest folder ,then open the objectspawntemplate.con , this is where you will set what your vehicle will spawn as....

now here is a listing of the vehicles (not all vehicles listed)

tanks-axis-......panzerIII_m , puma , tiger , panzerIV_Fspecial , panzerII , panzerIII_J , panzerIV_D , panzerIV_H ,

tanks-allied-.....kv-1s , m3stuart , kv-1 , kv-2 ,

artillery-axis...bison , SIG33 , m2a1howitzer , ZIS3



fighterspawner-axis....fw190a-8 , fw190a-3


apcspawner-axis.......hanomag-a , hanomag-b , ho-ki

apcspawner-allied.....m3a1-a , m3a1-b ,






not sure what these are yet-....opelblitz , jagdpanzerIV , m36jackson , sturmgeschutzIII_G ,

now all you have to do is put one of the spawner names in the objectspawntemplates...a lighttank template would look like this when its changed

ObjectTemplate.create ObjectSpawner lighttankspawner
ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 1 panzerIII_m
ObjectTemplate.setObjectTemplate 2 kv-1s
ObjectTemplate.MinSpawnDelay 40
ObjectTemplate.MaxSpawnDelay 80
ObjectTemplate.SpawnDelayAtStart 0
ObjectTemplate.TimeToLive 45
ObjectTemplate.Distance 40
ObjectTemplate.DamageWhenLost 10
ObjectTemplate.maxNrOfObjectSpawned 1

also remember to set the line in the menu/init.con file to this

game.setmapid "battlegroup42"

now pack up your map using makerfa (not gmakerfa) your packed up map in the

mods/battlegroup42/archives/bf1942/levels folder and go play....

any problems with this tutorial please contact me...


Here i will be telling you how to add BG42 static objects: